One hundred years **

Liaohe Plain Central **, water Toyota wide, beautiful and rich. Liaohe River, Hun River, five major river systems around the Sun River runs through the whole territory, temporary import nearly swept the Bohai Sea. A thousand mountains, Yiwulushan between this side 1388 km2 unique terroir seasons gilt, after years of fruitful.
Here old times, is a famous patriotic general Zhang Xueliang's birthplace. Century residence, gnarled and twisted jujube, once the wells filling the vicissitudes of life, bearing the general's homeland feelings. Plains of the province's largest forest park - Xiping Forest Park storied trees, fruits of the earth; domestic Plains single largest inland wetlands - Big Sean Shuitianyise, Oulu Xiangji; Xinhua rivers and lakes do not have style sparkling water , fish and rice fragrance. This is fertile ground side harmonious ecological civilization, national commodity grain production base in Qinhuangdao-Shenyang high-speed rail, sunken railway, Beijing-Shenyang Expressway and the intersection of national and provincial trunk aspect, the increasingly transparent treasure emerged plump, charming hub to land LICAI .
Came from the ancient **, ** came from history. Root millennia, centuries of struggle, have imported a grand indelible chapter ......

Eventful articles - no regrets monument

Turn back to dusty history, tracing golden memories. Zhou ** Youzhou far as the domain, Liao Qin ** is something county, until the establishment of the Western Han Dynasty ** county, named "dangerous ditch," Qing Qian years renamed "octagonal table." Until 1913, the desire peaceful people whom the name "**." Beginning from the grass open to criss dishes, from generation to generation pioneering crusade to rage, from sparsely populated to Lvli sea, the passage of time, years of vicissitudes, dynasties, the situation transforms. More than a thousand years of history deep thick, a century of vicissitudes cleanse their hearts.
* Build the county late Qing Dynasty established rule coincided precarious, internal and external, government affairs at the occasion Organisation. Once upon a time, heroes land on writing the story of blood and fire, although after the change has long circulated.
Brushed the years of dust, reproduction hundred mark. Anshan area of a branch - Branch of the CPC ** ** born in the vicissitudes of the earth. The spring of 1927, the CPC Mukden special branch has sent the Communist Party Li Huanzhang, Wang Chun an underground work to **, the secret establishment and development of the party organization, and in the same year in July to establish a branch of the CPC **.
CPC ** special branch has founded the "sunset", "harbinger", "Dawn" and other progressive publications, and actively to promote revolutionary ideas young students, spark ignited the revolution, wake toiling masses, ** peasant movement flourished. May 1930, the CPC Provincial Committee of Manchuria sent correspondent Heshou ** guiding farmers to transport work.
"918" after the incident, the face of cruel oppression of the Japanese imperialists, ** the people protest. Resist foreign captives, willing to shed blood, with life interpretation of the national soul. In the face of national interests, a group of outlaws also launched a desperate struggle with the Japanese, the reported number "old north" of Zhang led the Anti-Japanese Volunteer Day, fought ** and surrounding areas, repeatedly thwarted Japanese imperialist aggression. Its uprightness household, heroic stories onto the screen now.
August 15, 1945, Japan announced its unconditional surrender, Northeast retrocession, deeply Puppet 14 years of bitter slavery ** people proud to celebrate the victory.
Kay song entirely, one after another to the war. Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign eve ** once sent a dozen kilograms for the army rations, Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign started, the county has more than 1,000 young people took part in the People's Liberation Army, composed of more than 3,000 stretcher team, braving a hail of bullets in hazy smoke of the battlefield, rescue the wounded ......
The evening of 24 October 1948, in order to check the direction of the retreating Nationalist army Yingkou, I originally ** PLA, after the liberation of six allocated to Montenegro room area, the KMT Ninth Corps three hundred thirteen groups more than 1,800 wiped out, leaving the army against the enemy feat.
November 2, 1948, with the successful conclusion of Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign, ** throughout the liberation.
Vast expanse of black earth, recorded epic heroic stories; starry lights of history, flashing still clearly imprinted years. When the deceased fame forever, living youth is not the time, that period filled with blood and fire, life and death of history, but still in front, and later cleaned up the soul, inspire people to build their homes ** ambition.

Worked hard piece - Sunward changes
1948 year end, ** throughout the liberation of the people of the county proud, rejoice. Hundred things, enthusiasm, filled with masses formed Societe cravings.
In accordance with the CPC Central Committee promulgated the "Outline Land Law" from the spring of 1948 to March 1949, the county launched a vigorous land reform movement, abolition of feudal land ownership, to determine farmers' land ownership, to achieve land to the tiller, the per capita share of arable land 3.5 acres. When a root stakes hammered into the black land, when several lifetimes never had half an inch of land of the farmers, from the bottom of my heart burst out, "Long live the Communist Party," the sincere voice. When the First People's Congress held a victory when the person is psyche ** This represents the interests of the people support the new regime. Since then, ** agriculture, rural areas and farmers began to slumber.
From 1953 to 1956, the county completed the agriculture, handicrafts and the socialist transformation of capitalist industry and commerce, achieved by the individual to the collective economy of the great economic transformation. On the basis of mutual assistance and cooperation in agriculture, to carry out the agricultural co-operative movement, from mutual aid, elementary to advanced society, to 1957, the county built a total of 93 senior clubs, farmers join 47,340, accounting for 99.85 percent of total households, agriculture production has a historic leap.
A young republic, a genuine people's power will be China ** bring a new journey.
After 1970, the county's farmland capital construction, promotion of agricultural mechanization, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fisheries five industry simultaneously. The county grain and bean production reached 4.8 billion kilograms, the average yield reached 686 kg, an increase of 5.4 times higher than before the founding.
During this period, the county created a number of entrepreneurial role models, 18-year-old has served as the village party branch secretary Chengjiao Shaogui Qin Poplar is one of them. She has been named the provincial model workers and national labor model, the honor to attend the national competition to be held in Beijing.
While the cause of the county began to recover when the Korean War broke out, burning flames of war to the border of the Yalu River. Korean War, defending the homeland, 1078 excellent ** children enthusiastically DPRK, 389 people died heroically, bloody three thousand country.
Since ancient times ** more flooding, "shoot nine under the river, nine years of floods." Low-lying, water variety. Winter Walking Ice, summer sailing, water throughout the year quit; small water bucket mu However, the floods washed away food. After the founding of New China, in order to improve flood protection embankments standards, the county government led the people of the county to carry out the arduous construction of flood control projects. Prominent governance outside river dike complex closure work, inland reinforcement change line, the construction of irrigation and drainage stations, excavation stem, branch, bucket, farm four drainage ditch, and firmly supporting the bridge. To the 1970s, the county flood remediation, irrigation achieved initial results, the provincial government awarded the "Advanced Water county", "mechanical drainage advanced counties" glorious title.
From 1949 to 1978, 29 years, the people of the county push the car basket lift, build levees cumulative length of more than 1600 kilometers, approximately 40 million m3 earthworks completed, the use of artificial nearly 17 million.
Development of agricultural production to adapt to the needs of industry in the small family workshop ** based on the prototype previews. By 1962, the county's small farm tools production outlets to 64, producing 48 varieties of small farm implements, 393,000, of which sickle included in the City brand, hoe plate included in the provincial brand. To 1965, the county transferred, built 15 prefectural collective factory, the output value of 2.74 million yuan, profit of 216,000 yuan.
Afforestation, greening their homes. 1950s and 1960s, the county government organizations throughout the county people vigorously carry out afforestation, construction of state-owned forest county, township collective forest farms, production brigades forestry team. In more severe in the northwest wind farm five towns of the implementation of agroforestry, forest of drains, roads shelterbelts, "triple-play" of play a wind, sand, Yasuda, yield a major role. Liu Huangshatuo town village, due to afforestation and poplar pest control work well and become the province's forestry work a red flag. To the late 1970s, the county completed a total of 28.52 million mu of afforestation, forest coverage rate reached 13.7 percent, lock outlet, changing ecological, agricultural production and income for the foundation.
     As the national economy recovered further development, transport, postal services, electricity, education and other social sector have been greatly improved. 1956 ** to the outside world the first provincial highways - NTU highway came into being, although this road 3.5 meters wide, total length of 20 kilometers of roads to mud brick gravel road, but it has changed ** Historically blocking traffic situation, opened the ** external transport channel. 1965 converted into a residue pavement, since then, have a first paved road **. To the reform and opening up, the county a total provincial, county, township three highways 26, 385 km. Highway smooth, broaden people's horizons **, ** shorten the distance with the outside world.
1958 "Great Leap Forward" period, the county mobilized 80,000 people a month time to build six reservoirs, due to the vertical and lateral leakage, infiltration of a large number of farms and houses, but in spite of massive and costly losses than gains. Three years of natural disasters before 1959, because the government imposed too far to grain farmers, the county suffered severe hunger disaster, caused death and fleeing away from the county's population of 27 million people in 1958, dropped to 210,000 in 1962. 1966 to 1976 10 years of the Cultural Revolution, ** undertakings suffered serious setbacks, economic and social development is facing unprecedented challenges. When the history once again faced with choices, the fate of the Chinese Communists began sober. With the Party Central Committee's order out of chaos, ** People trials and hardships, seize the opportunity, energetically into the reform and opening up in the spring, the release of creating an inexhaustible motive force of history ......

Rise off papers - beautiful home

Third Plenary Session of the Party's reform and opening spring breeze blowing through the mountains and the Great Wall outside, gave birth ** "change, and the rich, progressive," the trend of the times, ** has entered a new period of socialist modernization, undertakings entered a new historical stage.
Adjustment of agricultural structure, vigorously develop paddy fields, change to sorghum, corn and other plant varieties are grown mainly way. After the Third Plenum of the five years, the county play electromechanical 2500, the development of 30 million mu of paddy fields, with an annual 150,000 tons of rice. 1983 ** deepening rural economic system reform, improve the household contract responsibility system, to support a variety of specialized households and key grain-producing households, rural economic development and created a new situation. This year grain yield super-jin, total output exceeded 600 billion kilograms mark, a record high, more than doubled in 1978, the per capita income reached 500 yuan, the history of agriculture in the ** left an indelible mark. By 2000 the county agricultural output value of 2.79 billion yuan, 21.8 times in 1980; grain and bean production reached 8 billion kilograms; rural per capita income reached 2,732 yuan, 21.7 times that of 1980.
Adjust the efficiency, science and technology and promote the revitalization. County government implement "technology Xingxian" strategy to farmers, the collective strength enhancement, rural financial growth as the goal, vigorously adjust planting structure, has implemented a "four development", "three hundred twenty-three project", " construction of livestock county, "as the theme of agriculture Xingxian project, forming a" Southern cooking north fruit "," flood rice "," livestock "full coverage of agricultural industrialization pattern. Farming simultaneously driven rapid economic development. By 2000, the development of vegetable protected area to 5 acres, off-season vegetable production reached 4 billion kilograms or more, nearly 2 billion annual benefits. Kanto Melon, the new legislation onion, ** green tomatoes, watermelon and other large sheet of landmines ** farming has become the brand.
In 1999, a modern agricultural technology demonstration park built, the introduction of new agricultural varieties, new technologies, promote the county's modern agriculture into the industrial development of the fast lane.
With the deepening of the market economy, ** rural aquaculture developed rapidly. As of 2000, the county emerged ten thousand breeding specialized households, the number of live pigs exceeded 400,000, producing 15,000 tons of meat, poultry rearing volume reached 6,000,000, egg production of 16,000 tons. Cattle rearing has reached 25,000, more than 2000 tons of meat production. Annual production capacity of 1.1 million mu of fish ponds standard 3500 tons. Aquaculture industry to become the leading industry ** rural economy, agricultural output accounted for half of GDP.
Market economy to bring development opportunities ** agriculture, but also brought hope to the ** industry. Focus on the actual county, in the competition continues to accelerate. 1993, leapfrogging the county industrial output value reached 510 million yuan, the first time exceeded agricultural output, a ** from a traditional to a modern industrial county agricultural county towards an important symbol. The county has more than 1,300 industrial enterprises, including industrial enterprises in 65 counties camp, forming a chemical, light industry, machine, pharmaceutical and agricultural products deep processing five product system.
Third Plenary Session of the party in 2000, 22 years years accompanied Daliaohe meandering, 370,000 Liaohe indomitable spirit sons and daughters, and writing a new era Dayu myths and legends. Flood embankment, remediation Liaohe River, flood control rule Beach, self-sacrifice, write one after another paean to struggle with nature.
In the county, the county government under the leadership of the first half of 1991, which lasted four years and 10 months to complete the Liaohe River Regulation Project; From 1996 to 2000, five years to complete the Hun River restoration project. Levee Weiwei, stretching thousands of miles, impregnable, the spirit of this Zhantiandoudi highly praised by the provincial government. To promote the remediation Liaohe River, Hun spirit, made clear later, the provincial government in Liaoning Hun ** fragment creates two monument - Monument and Hun Liaohe remediation remediation project completion Monument. In 1985, the 1995 flood fight twice, ** were given national "advanced collective flood" and "drought advanced collective", beginning in 1987 for 18 consecutive times to obtain Province, "Yu Cup" award.
Flood won the cup with lock wind sand combined. Address the county's 311 large outlet on 70 acres of fertile land ravaged harm, for decades, the county government to lead the people of the county lock outlet, cure dunes, with a lot of manpower, material continued to invest, calling the heart of the "green" finally out of the soil erosion crisis.
Since 1983, ** for seven consecutive years was named "National Advanced County plain green", continuous access to the State Forestry Department's "cloisonne" Cup, the provincial government in the province to carry forward the spirit ** afforestation and greening the record results ** monument - "Green Leaf Cup" set in the octagonal table Park.
An Jing river water, the wind gentle valley incense. ** People struggle again to the target tone bound feet bound feet muddy road, vowed to change the "bicycle pick tiling largest car caterpillar pull, ten relatives to go a long time, go to the market on a shop full of worry," the traffic situation. 1984 completed the link between the county 17 townships black pavement engineering; 1985 ** County, Liaoning Province, was listed as key development planning rural roads county, the county government's call, the county a "household pocket, everyone on the road, truck transport ore, village building roads, "the touching scene. People of the county raised over 2800 yuan to build rural oil more than 500 km, rebuilt bridges 309, 2679 meter, the first in China to achieve every village access road, writing ** Maritime exciting chapter. In 1991, the total length of 1505.64 meters, Liaohe largest highway bridge - Zhang wasteland Bridge was completed, from the end of the "winter walking ice, summer sailing, flood traffic off" of history; 1999 Qinhuangdao-Shenyang Passenger Dedicated groundbreaking, ending * * no railway history; 2000 Beijing-Shenyang Expressway passing through, greatly reducing the capital Beijing ** traffic mileage. "Two way" passing off, off Zhaoshandu Ruofei, ** plug in a pair of take off.
Spreading from 1978 to 2000 ** urban infrastructure construction and urban management, historical picture, deserted town ** from depression to the rapid development of the course is so clear. 1979 to 1984, the county built worker housing 47,880 square meters, 793 rooms lack inconvenience overcrowded household problems can be solved. 1985 three residential buildings built in what ways old neighborhood, ending the county uninhabited buildings history. 1986 to 1990 "Plan" period, residential buildings with an average annual increase rate of 13.5%, per capita living area of 11.5 square meters. 1991 to 2000, one well-equipped facilities, flowers, lush garden district thoroughly improve the living conditions of the people **, residential total area of 1.8 million square meters, per capita living area of 22 m2. Ancillary municipal engineering has also been greatly improved since 1985, the county realized urban industrial wastewater, sewage, natural precipitation shunt emissions in 1999, the county a total length of underground drainage mains 10,000 m; urban green space 55,000 square meters built achieve hard cover 120,000 square meters; installation of high standard lamp 530; opened a highway monument plaza, north exit area green belt, ribbon parks, increasingly handsome image of the city.
Bibo boundless expanse of fertile farmland from crest to the motor roaring mining industry; from row upon row of tall buildings to the prosperity of downtown merchants; Merchants from Continental Army went into the transportation nexus, **, embarked on a sustainable development of accessible road.
Brilliantness articles - chasing the dream
The dawn of the new century and warm, the ** People future, dreams illuminate the pursuit of excellence. County government foresight, established to become the most dynamic ** construction, the city's most attractive new strategic vision: first priority to development, firmly grasp the new century and the first 10 years of strategic opportunities, give full play to regional advantages, speed up structural adjustment, the construction of six green agricultural base and surrounding suburban counties, rural economy to achieve rapid development, generous plan, pulling big moves, large open forward, from the development of the old city, opening new city, establishment of industrial parks, "three areas" mutually-driven, high-tech zones to agricultural development and construction of the "four areas" linkage, forming a great development across the new pattern. New affecting, old drive, park drive, showing the people of the county building an open, ecological, modern new city's strong determination.
Clear main direction, innovative investment approach, optimize the development environment, after 10 years of struggle, "depression **" uplift vibrant industry clusters, highlighting ** industrial rise of agriculture took the lead in the forefront of modern character. As of 2012, the planning area of 35 square kilometers of industrial parks has implemented 15 km2, total infrastructure investment 700 million yuan, to achieve "seven connections and one leveling", assigned to the project 151 million over the project 57, color-coated and deep processing industry cluster development, color-coated industrial base in Liaoning, fine chemicals, paper and other industrial clusters steadily. 2012 sales revenue of 12.6 billion yuan, tax 180 million yuan. Planning area of 12 square kilometers of agricultural high-tech zone has implemented two square kilometers, total infrastructure investment 250 million yuan, 18 assigned to the project, put into the project 5.
Agricultural Hi-intensive processing of agricultural areas to build platforms to build outside the district agricultural high-quality rice, meat, poultry and other "six product base," the production, processing and marketing of a complete chain transfer of "tranquility" of the modern Newsletter. Modern cultivation, modern farming so ** rural comparable cities. 35 acres of agricultural facilities are a brand, 5 acres of fish ponds wide water diving, 8 acres of cold-rich fruit decorated branches, more than 1,000 standardized cell culture poultry flocks. ** Duck approved national geographical indications protection products, 380,000 ** children together to create "the first county in the country ducks and geese."
Figures to reflect the change, the more people feel the great changes: the county grain and bean production from 2000 to 8 billion kilograms, increased in 2012 to 10.1 billion kilograms, per capita income of farmers 2,920 yuan from 2000 to 2012 14,460 yuan.
Big beautiful background, good fast development environment, constantly releasing new ** livelihood more powerful driving force. County government to build the coastal county of direction, in accordance with the double "thirty" goals and "truth camp city water, vitality **" concept, re-establishment of urban development strategic planning, urban space skeleton further opened, the built-up area by the 8 square kilometers to 12 square kilometers, the urban population increased from 70,000 to 100,000.
Total investment of 6.5 billion yuan in recent years, the demolition of shanty towns 20 600 thousand square meters, development and construction of the Four Seasons Garden, Jinshan Avandia valley midrange contour plot 16, an area of 2.4 million square meters. New construction to accelerate the implementation of the public administration service center moved north works. Construction of cultural centers, swimming pool, Olympic Sports Center, the transformation Bajiaotai Park. Construction of a large market, improve trade, logistics, finance, insurance and other emerging formats. Expansion New ** High School, Vocational High School, a comprehensive transformation of the town site area primary and secondary schools. New En-Liang hospital ward building, planning and construction of medicine. Greening, landscaping, cleaning, lighting the city streets, updated sanitation facilities. Regulate traffic, marketing, property management order, according to demolish illegal buildings, the city banned motorized tricycle. New and large and medium repair or above the county road 182 km, 380 km rural roads, renovation township roads dangerous bridge 152, in the province to achieve the township roads without dangerous bridge. Past five years, accumulated a total investment of 7.06 billion yuan of urban and rural construction. Liaohe vigorously promote ecological restoration, small watershed pollution control projects Liuhe established large McCormack Provincial Nature Reserve Wetlands, Taiwan northwest wind and sand ecological function protected areas, and built a multi-species multi-species forest-effective windbreak and sand plains of green water and soil conservation base, planting 45,990 acres of eight years, the forest coverage rate reached 65 percent, the vegetation coverage rate of 90% or more, to become the city's first provincial-level ecological county.
In the new rural construction "Twenty-character principle" as the guide, comprehensively carry out the "six new" as the main content of the new rural construction, the implementation of environmental remediation and contiguous "four clean four reform" project, to create eco-homes, beautiful towns and villages. Following the first province to achieve every village access road, the village in the province to implement the bus, through the running water, and "Seven" goal. Implementation of the new rural cooperative medical care, the county's rural population receiving them. There farming subsidies, travel by bus, like the city shelter, the sick can be reimbursed, knowledge to the library, fitness plaza jump, one hundred ten thousand villages vitality Tuen down, full of lively and exuberant happiness views.
Industrious life-changing wisdom to enhance realm. Tough rustic ** honest people in constant material life, while also advancing with the journey to create a distinctive regional culture fruit. Carry out the "four into the family" activities, so that the people rich and technology literate law; carry classic reading activities for young people to inherit the traditional Chinese, Everbright national culture; carry red song sports tournament, urban and rural public shared cultural feast; create a civilized town, Lai Heung Shing let more intangible brand value; create "non-toxic County," tranquil county and the country's most secure areas, so that capital and talent flow in harmony with the "depression" full convergence; carry out "a build three zones" and other Party innovation projects, so the majority of party members and cadres in the development of the "Heights" Decent ...... every carrier is quickly condensate heart, each platform rapid cohesion, clinics of the Department show the world all the ideological and moral qualities NEW ** urban and rural civilization, economic and social strength, rushed ahead spirit. ** Has won the national civilized county, national scientific and technological progress advanced counties, the national family planning work advanced counties, the National Advanced County in the new rural cooperative medical care, the national new rural electrification counties, the National Advanced County and the province's aging work first "non-toxic County "provincial" Ping An "award. Changing into the flowers of happiness ** centennial.
A hundred years, ** through the darkness, groping, struggling bumpy; a hundred years, ** gone through twists and turns bloody; a hundred years, along with the great, glorious and correct ** People Communist Party of China in the Liao River Crescent hard harvest; a hundred years, generations of children singing the fear ** tough, defying danger and change the world, catch up with innovation, opening up across the heroic hymn.
Yesterday, ** children weal and woe, the accumulation of the weight of history; Today ** children sweat, the pursuit of excellence, winning era glory; tomorrow ** children drumming sail, set sail again, will be writing a dream come true brilliant!
Long history, vast Sky, scouring countless centuries ** years verdant; Shueisiou wind and, day Day Long, said endless centuries ** Love bright. We believe that the county government under the leadership of the county people will in Fairview dream journey to China, the implementation strategy of the coastal counties, all the way to the chase, the chapter on China, the ** build a more prosperous, civilized and harmonious happiness homes.



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